Easy Hacks to Organise Pots and Pans In Your Kitchen

Love buying new pots and pans, but don’t have enough space to store them in your kitchen? If you have limited storage options in your space for your cookware, there are some simple hacks that you can try. Not only will you have a clutter-free kitchen, you will also not have to restrict yourself from buying the products that you love, especially when you are browsing through the wide range of products offered by Judge Appliances. 

Use Wall Mounted Pot Rails 

If you think about it, walls are the perfect storage space for any kitchen. Pot rails and hooks mounted on the wall are the best option for you. You can purchase pot rails at affordable prices online. The best part is that the lids can also be propped onto them for smart storage. With Judge products like the Judge HA Vista Fry Pan, you have the advantage of an anodised aluminium body. They are light and practical when you choose this storage option. 

DIY Peg Board Organiser 

This is another great way to use available wall space for extra storage. Peg boards are easily available in hardware stores and online. All you have to do is use sturdy hooks that you can hang your pots and pans from. The best part is that you can move the hooks around to change the way you display your cookware, too. When you have stylish and beautifully constructed pans like the Judge Deluxe Range, this peg board will also add to the aesthetics of your space. 

Vertical Pot Rack 

A quiet corner in your kitchen is valuable when it comes to storage. Vertical pot racks are the best alternative to cabinets for your pots and pans. Just stack them up neatly and you have a cool display for your kitchen. These pot racks don’t take up too much space either, making them a practical addition to a small kitchen. 

Build a Pot Rack on The Ceiling 

This hack is highly recommended if your kitchen has a comparatively higher ceiling. All you need is wood or metal panels with hooks to hang the pots and pans from. For an avid cookware collector, there is no better option that this one. However, remember not to hang them up directly above your stove. This makes them greasy over time, leaving you to pull them all down and clean them frequently.

Nesting Them Using Protectors 

Nesting pots refers to stacking them up size-wise. This can save a lot of space in your cabinets. A lot of you may avoid this because of the scratches and damage that can occur over time. There are two simple solutions to this. First, is using felt protectors that you can buy in most supermarkets. Place them in between the pots. The second option is to purchase good quality, durable cookware from the Judge range. Fun fact, our non-stick cookware range is metal-spoon friendly, so you get the idea about the build quality. 

Now that you have these simple tips, take a look at our exquisite range to add to your collection. Judge appliances brings to you cookware and kitchen appliances that suit your daily needs and make cooking more convenient.