How to Make Your Kitchen a Great Kitchen?


The kitchen is the heart of every home. Naturally, we are always looking for ways to make this space better everyday. The biggest difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen lies in its functionality. A kitchen that is convenient and well-planned is more enjoyable to cook meals in. 

If you are just setting up your kitchen or are planning to renovate your existing one, here are some great tips to make your kitchen a great one. 

Start With Storage

When you think of a beautiful kitchen, you think of a pristine and uncluttered one. This can be achieved by planning the cabinets and storage space well. There are many space-saving options like tall wall cabinets and pull-out cabinets that you can opt for. You can also utilise these cabinets as storage space for appliances like the microwave to keep the counter top clutter-free. 

Make sure you invest in good quality material for durability. The last thing you want is loose handles or hinges that make your space look shabby. 

Choose the Right Backsplash 

The surface behind the work station is called the backsplash. Choose large ceramic tiles as they are easy to clean and maintain. You can also add hooks and rods to the backsplash for convenient storage of pans, spoons and ladles. While a lighter colour makes your space look bigger, choose a backsplash in shades of beige or brown as it stains lesser. The trick to keep the space looking bigger and brighter is to invest in the right lighting. Here is an extra tip. Using a lighter backsplash and hanging up pans from the durable Judge HA range, gives you that added element of style for your kitchen. Complete the look of your kitchen with Judge Aura gas stoves that are available in various sizes to match your requirements. They are sleek, stylish and crafted for your contemporary kitchen. 

Larger Surface Area for Your Work Station

The working space, also known as the kitchen countertop, is where all the magic happens. You must make sure that it is large enough for you to do all your chopping, mixing and meal preps without cramping the space. Granite is a great choice for your countertop as it is sturdy and easy to clean, too. An important part of planning your working space is ensuring enough space to place small appliances like an electric kettle or coffee maker that improve the functionality of the kitchen, too. 

Go Green 

Add some indoor plants or make your own herb garden to add some natural element in your kitchen. This brightens the space up immediately and keeps you calm as you whip up one delicious dish after another. 

Compliment It With The Right Cookware

Cookware plays two significant roles in your kitchen. We all know that they are essential for you to cook safely. But, they also increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Hanging some beautiful pans and pots over the counter gives your kitchen a beautiful look and also increases functionality. They are easier to reach and use. That said, you don’t want old, beaten down cookware hanging off the walls, do you? Invest in a reliable cookware range like Judge Deluxe from the house of TTK Prestige to make cooking a pleasurable experience each time. 

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