About Us

In India, Judge offers a key range of Kitchen appliances to perfectly equip in your kitchen. We understand the need for a kitchen and develop products based on the requirements. Comprehensive collections of pressure cookers, cookware, gas stoves, mixer grinders, induction cooktops, bottles and flasks, dinner sets and a range of small appliances are accessible in both classic and modern designs, with an optimum safety feature that is made to suit your cooking needs.

Judge provides a brilliant cooking experience and thrives on functional innovation which ensures durability and performance every time. Cookware from Judge is an effective way to cook and serve with elegance.

You are the Judge of your Kitchen.

Judge, a British cookware brand, is a part of Horwood Homewares Ltd., United Kingdom. The company was founded by William Joseph Horwood, in 1896. Today, Horwood carries a legacy of over 120 years of craftsmanship and quality, which is brought to India by TTK Prestige Ltd., the largest brand in kitchen appliances in India.

We believe in providing dependable, customer centric, functional and innovative kitchen appliances to the customer at a good value proposition. We follow specific codes of quality for our products which are made to last longer, are easy to use, backed with a commendable service, and are made with finest quality material. With an uncompromised quality and continual product innovation, each product is tested to last years together. 


During Second World War, the heavy demand for metal still couldn’t affect Horwood’s business. However, 3 out of 4 warehouses were destroyed due to heavy bombing. Soon after Bristol, they found their new large premises and in 1956, they moved to larger warehouses and offices on St Thomas Street. Through, the loyal customer base in 1959, they expanded their network to the whole United Kingdom. Once David William associated with his father William Federick Horwood in 1977, their success rate became maximum at this point in time. In 1984, Horwood Homewares Ltd. pioneered the rapidly expanding stainless steel cookware market by introducing Stellar. And in 1987 Horwood acquired the well-known brand Judge which has got a very long heritage of UK manufacturing.


When you buy a Horwood product you buy from my family business, and you buy over 100 years of certainty.”

— Jeremy Horwood

Horwood Homewares Ltd. was established in Bristol in 1896 by William Joseph Horwood. The company was described as “a purveyor of household wares”, and its product range included all kinds of hardware, enamelware, ironmongery, tools, rugs, brushes, glass and china, as well as such household essentials for that period as chandelier chains, washboards and chamber pots.

From modest beginnings this small family business grew steadily during the 20th century with an ever greater variety of products, so that by 1930 its catalogue was over 100 pages long. The Judge brand was introduced in the late nineteenth century and is still going strongly today as one of Horwood’s key brands. Much of the company’s premises were destroyed during the Second World War, but Horwood soon re-emerged as a force in the housewares trade and continued as a family-owned business until 1977, when it was bought by the Glenchewton Group. Even now the legacy continues, as descendants of William Horwood are still employed in the company.

The growth and success of the company is due to dedication, determination and attention to detail, which was instilled by William Horwood from the very beginning and which has been followed by generations of the Horwood family and employees. Nowadays Horwood enjoys a reputation for quality and service, which is second to none in the housewares industry – but without losing that personal touch synonymous with a family business. Throughout the years Horwood has concentrated on introducing innovative new products and designs, using only the best materials and workmanship. It is no surprise, therefore, that Horwood now enjoys a position as the leading supplier of cookware to UK department stores and specialist kitchenware outlets. Horwood is now part of TTK Prestige; India’s largest kitchen appliance brand, and the worlds largest pressure cooker manufacture

By 1990, they received a huge success in stainless steel cookware. The sales increased up to 400% by that time. Since then Horwood Homewares has been priding itself on customer values and excellence in products and service. They were regularly nominated by the readers of housewares magazine for customer service and quality. And also, received regularly accolades for products from the other leading trade organization.